"It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men."

- Samuel Adams

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Norm Dicks Does It Again

Last week your (he does not represent me) Congressman Norm Dicks voted “NO” on H.R. 3408. This is the bill that would have expanded oil and gas drilling thereby nearly tripling America’s offshore energy production by 2027, build the Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL oil pipeline, open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling and start oil-shale extraction on federal land in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

This bill would have helped us on the way to relying less on Mid-East oil, provided thousands of jobs for Americans, and provided additional revenue to the federal government directly by the sale of these resources. AND, it needs no investment (i.e. spending) by Government. All the Government had to do was to get out of the way and say go ahead. Congressman Norm Dicks voted against this bill!!!

With gasoline prices at the highest point ever at this time of year, and some predicting they will reach $4.25 per gallon or more by this summer, wouldn’t it make sense to do something to increase the supply, especially when it is an American and/or Canadian supply? Obviously not, at least according to Congressman Dicks.

Not only does Congressman Dicks want to turn our Olympic Mountains area into a wilderness park (Wild Olympics Proposal) taking away timber related jobs from Grays Harbor County and the rest of the Olympic Peninsula, he wants to drive up gas prices, reduce our access to oil and take jobs away from Americans across the country. These actions cannot be tolerated!!!

There is something we can do. There is an election coming up in November. We can elect Jesse Young to replace Congressman Dicks. Jesse Young, who is a businessman and not a career politician, opposes the Wild Olympics Proposal, is in favor of additional oil production, and the Keystone Pipeline. In other words, he wants lower gas prices, less dependence on Mid-East oil and more jobs for Americans both in Grays Harbor County and across the Country.

Jesse Young will be at the Hoquiam Library on Thursday, February 23, at 6:30 pm. Come, listen to his views, and find out how you can help defeat Norm Dicks and get Jesse Young elected in November.

You can find out more about Jesse Young here http://www.jesseyoungforcongress.com/

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