"It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men."

- Samuel Adams

Monday, February 27, 2012

Jesse Young in Grays Harbor

Harborites had plenty of opportunities to meet Jesse Young and hear about his vision for the 6th District recently, with volunteer recruitment meetings in both Montesano and Hoquiam in February. Jesse Young is challenging multi-decade incumbent Norm Dicks in the 6th District. The February 23 meeting at the Hoquiam Library drew a capacity crowd and required additional seating.

Attendees at both meetings were given plenty to think about and act upon as Young opened the evening by asking rhetorically, "Why aren't we talking about the uniqueness of this district? It is set apart and unique among any district in the nation. It can be pre-eminent in job growth, and it doesn't take a top-down government program to do it."

Young also spoke about the Pacific Rim trade economy and its relationship to the Port of Grays Harbor, how Dodd-Frank is strangling small business and why it needs to be repealed, why private business, not government, creates jobs, and natural resources unique to the Olympic Peninsula such as oil, natural gas and rare earth metals. "Our vision includes bringing union jobs back to the Harbor," he said.

On the subject of Wild Olympics, which Young firmly opposes, he asked, "How many of you are tired of the other side framing the argument to put you on the defense? I intend to change that argument, and put forth a plan showing how we can honor our land and create jobs at the same time."

Young explained his three-phase plan for winning the 6th District, which includes intensive voter research down to the precinct level. Borrowing from the business world, Young outlined his plan using the acronym NAME: Non-negotiable integrity; Accountability; Measurability and Effectiveness.

Opening the floor for questions and answers, Young said, "I want to let you drive the meeting. Ask any questions you want in order to get over the hurdle of not believing we can get it done." As an example, he noted that "this campaign has raised more money against Norm Dicks than any other campaign."

Attendees received copies of Young's statement on Wild Olympics, Jesse Young for Congress stickers, palm cards, a three-page paper on where he stands on various issues, and a bio sheet, About Jesse. Volunteer opportunities in six categories were also provided, along with response cards.

"It's not good enough to just be right on the issues" Young emphasized. "You have to be right and effective on the issues." He concluded, "If you're ready to lock arms with this campaign, your time won't be wasted."

For more information, see: Jesse Young for Congress, visit Grays Harbor for Jesse Young on Facebook, or contact Terry Moore, Grays Harbor Chair for the Jesse Young for Congress, at: 289-7978 or ghrepublican@gmail.com.

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