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- Samuel Adams

Monday, June 4, 2012

Retiring State Auditor Brian Sonntag Says James Watkins "Particularly Well Qualified" for Open State Auditor Position

James Watkins, GOP candidate for state auditor, recently released the following:

In his strongest statement to date, Brian Sonntag said James Watkins “is particularly well qualified based on his background and experience to advance the auditor’s office and be an independent advocate for taxpayers.” 

In a wide ranging interview on May 24th in the NW Daily Marker, outgoing State Auditor Sonntag also discussed the race to fill his open seat, the role of the auditor’s office, and his impressions of the other candidates.

“I’m thrilled to earn Brian’s trust in my abilities,” said Watkins.  “He’s done an amazing job for Washington’s taxpayers, championed open government, and elevated the State Auditor’s Office.  He’s very clear about what it will take for his successor to successfully serve the taxpayers of Washington State.  I’m delighted he thinks I have the right stuff!”

In the May 24th Freedom Forum State Auditor’s Debate in Kirkland, in front of an enthusiastically responsive crowd, Watkins clearly laid out his case for the opportunity to serve as state auditor.  

"The state auditor position is a job for an independent professional, not a politician. That’s why Brian Sonntag says I’m “… particularly well qualified based on [my] experience and background to advance the State Auditor’s Office and be an independent advocate for taxpayers.”

I have the judgment and real world experience to make sure we get a dollar’s value from every dollar we pay in taxes. 
  • I’m the only candidate running who does performance audits and assessments for a living – and have been an executive and principal consultant in professional services organizations with up to 600 employees.
  • In the 23 years since I earned my MBA, I’ve done over 150 performance audits and assessments. 
  • I’ve worked successfully with major federal agencies, non-profits, and innovative private sector organizations to make them faster, more effective, and more efficient – and we need more of that in Olympia, not less! 
The fact is, my opponents are professional politicians who have voted repeatedly to weaken the auditor’s office, massively increase state spending, and hike taxes. Now, they’re asking you to trust them to audit and evaluate the very same government programs they voted to create! That’s like asking a fox to watch the henhouse.

We need government we can trust. Citizens won’t allow the legislature to raise taxes: efficiency and cost savings are the only way to fund our shared priorities while rebuilding voter trust.  As your state auditor, I pledge to drive efficiency and effectiveness; to limit fraud, waste, and abuse; and defend and expand open, transparent government."
More information is available at www.WatkinsForAuditor.com

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