"It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men."

- Samuel Adams

Friday, October 26, 2012

Straka on "Loyal Opposition - Who Not to Vote For and Why

John Straka's letter to the editor was sent to The Daily World on October 25:

 After reading a few of The Daily World endorsements, I would like to voice the loyal opposition's position of who “not” to vote for and why.

I would start with Office of the President. The Benghazi incident and how it was handled is a clear signal that Obama lacks the leadership qualities and intestinal fortitude for the post he holds. That embassy was under siege for 7 hours, there were military assets an hour away, and he did nothing. He did nothing, allowing 4 citizens to be tortured and murdered. That was deplorable. Watching it live on video and then lying about the entire incident turns my stomach.

While I support the decriminalization of Marijuana, I do not support Initiative 502. The state does not belong in the regulation and taxation of Marijuana. Sorry, but tax monies won't go to the schools, any more that gambling monies did. This is a scam for another level of government regulation and bureaucracy we don't need.

Couny Commissioner
County Commissioner Terry Willis is my next “don't-do-it”. She is a self-centered, controlling individual, who alienates those she is supposed to work with. She angers those she should be building bridges with. The jail issue being the most recent incident, that should not have been the antagonistic event it became. The requests made of her were reasonable and timely.

The next “anyone but” to consider, is legislative candidates Blake, Takko, Hargrove, Tharinger, Van De Wege and Hatfield. They were summoned to Olympia by the governor and had three chances to address the budget and didn't do it. Instead of a budget, they gave us gay marriage. Not only did they fail to a job they were asked to do, but campaign promises of jobs. As a community we can't afford anymore empty promises about jobs.

Derek Kilmer has to be my favorite scammer. He has real firefighters that support him because he will protect their pensions. Those real firefighters should have been checked for real brains. How will Kilmer protect underfunded pensions? Is he talking about funding them and if he is, where is the money coming from? He has also dedicated his life to jobs. The question is what jobs? His campaign is clearly directed to the gullible and intellectually challenged.

U.S. Senate
Maria Cantwell boldly talks about all the jobs she has saved and her commitment to jobs. Sorry, great commercial, but that is where that story ends and where her job should end.

"Time for a Change"?
Frank Gordon makes me as nervous as anybody running. He talks about “Time for Change” and I agree. Only he is not the change we need. He has failed to show leadership or bring change as an Aberdeen city councilman. The question is, how will he do something for the county he couldn't do for the city?

PUD Commissioner
Finally Chris Thomas should not be the PUD commissioner replacing Tom Casey. This is a non-partisan position that has become partisan. Casey's fingerprints are all over his campaign. Thomas should have run his campaign on his merits. The PUD doesn’t need a Casey puppet and the influences he would bring with him.

John Straka 

Grays Harbor Republican Party endorsements can be found here.

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