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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PCO Candidate Filing is May 14 - 18

The following information has been received from the county auditor's office regarding the procedure for PCO Candidate Filing in 2012:

• Candidates for PCO must file during Candidate Filing Week (May 14-18). A separate Declaration of Candidacy form is used and available on the Secretary of State’s website or in the Auditor’s Office.
• Each precinct will have two positions open; one for the Democratic Party and one for the Republican Party. PCO candidates affiliate with a major political party when filing.
• There is no filing fee.
• Because a PCO candidate only qualifies for the precinct in which he/she is registered, our office will verify the precinct. We will notify the candidate if a precinct needs to be corrected.
• Candidates who file for PCO may also file for one other position on the ballot.
• If a PCO position is void at the close of Candidate Filing Week (May 14-18), that office is lapsed and is not placed on the ballot. The political party may fill the position by appointment. (RCW 29A.28.071)
• Special 3-day filing periods will not be held for PCO positions.
• If, after the last day to withdraw, only one candidate has filed for a party position, that candidate is considered elected immediately and the County Auditor must issue a certificate of election.
• Write-in candidates have been eliminated from PCO elections. A candidate cannot file as a declared write-in.
• The term of office for PCO is two years. There are no short term or unexpired term elections conducted for this office.
• PCO races appear on the even-year Primary ballot only.
• Only contested races appear on the ballot. For example, if two candidates file for a Democratic Party position, but only one candidate files for the Republican Party position, only the Democratic PCO race will appear on the ballot.
• When both party positions qualify to appear on the ballot, the order is determined by the statewide results of the last Presidential Election. For example, in 2012, all Democratic candidates are listed first and the Republican candidates follow.
• Candidate order within each party is determined by lot draw which will be held May 18th at 5:00 pm.
• There is no minimum requirement for the number of votes cast for a candidate.
• Results for PCO races certify at the same time as other offices—14 days after the Primary. 

You can file on-line beginning May 14 here.

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